In the presence of numerous guests, Minister of Finances RS Zoran Tegeltija and APIF's director Jelena Cetkovic symbolically cuts the ribbon.

We inform the public that the office of APIF from 22.11.2011 iz moved from the street Jovan Dučić to address Square of the victims of the Jasenovac camp no.

4 (Old Government Building), with a note that telephone numbers remain the same.

Apif will commence the registration of rural households and service providers in apartments, holiday homes and rooms for rent (in accordance to Law about catering) on 14.11.2011.

APIF informs that business cooperation with "TEC Agency from Sarajevo has been signed. On the basis of which the "Agency TEC "produces and distributes a

USB stick which contains the short form of information from the Registry of Financial Statements Rs.