Monday, 26 November 2012 11:28

The Government of the Republic of Srpska adoptedi the Regulation about amendments on the procedure of verifying the claims and cash disbursements arising from old foreign currency savings in the Republic of Srpska, which opens a new period for verification, for a period of nine months from the 10th December 2012. to 30 September 2013th year.

We inviteall persons who have not applied for a verification of old foreign currency savings, and whose funds were deposited in banks based in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and which repayment obligations is transferred to the Republic of Srpska, to submit their requests in one branches of intermediary agencies, IT and financial services-APIF.

Forapplications lodged on time, verification will be carried out under identical conditions who have had owners of old foreign currency savings, and in accordance with law and regulations.

After theprocessing of requests received, the payment will be verified to a maximum of 2,000 KM, or the amount to 2000. The difference amounts verified and cash payments will be made by issuing bonds.

So far, the Republic of Srpska conducted four terms for Verification of old foreign currency savings, while the Ministry of Finance is the regulation meet the demands of people who are after the fourth time for verification and want to get them to refund the old foreign currency savings in accordance with the legislation .