Friday, 18 January 2013 13:59

On page you can get public data from financial reports Registry (shortened report).

The full reports can be downloaded via a written request (by fax, mail, office in) or online through the site APIF. Upon written request must specify the Tax payers number from who want to get the report, due to the large number of entities with similar names, based ...

On our website ( you  can find the Tax payers across Search, where you can specify the criteria as name, address, password or municipality activity code . If you want to download reports online, it is necessary to have contract with APIF,

which gives you the possibility to download the report at any time of day and from any location where there is an Internet connection. At the end of the month you are delivering invoices to statements taken during this time period.

On page you can obtain data from the Registry of public companies. Register is open and contains the following information:

- Company name (company)
- Full address and headquarters
- Date of establishment
- The date and the basis for each change its registered
- A person or persons authorized to represent
- Total income during the last two business years
- Total income during the last two financial year on the basis of production activities of a public company that operates in the manufacturing sector