Wednesday, 30 October 2013 11:46

In the "Sluzbeni Glasnik ofthe Republic of Serbian", number 89 / 13th from 10/17/2013. year, a new Regulation on classification of family farms into commercial and non-commercial family farms is published. Publication and entry nto force of this Ordinance all formal legal requirements for renewal of registration in the register of holdings under the new registration system have been met.

Renewal ofregistration in the register under the new system of registration begins 01 November 2013th. The head of household and farm or their authorized persons can come to the APIF’s counters to renew registration and to the same location in the  Republic of Srpska, where they have registered their family farm.

Aftersubmitting the application and enter data on the use of the land, and the type and number of livestock in the Register, the program automatically check compliance with the requirements of the Regulation on the classification of family farms and assigns farm status "commercial" or "non-commercial" family farm.