Thursday, 30 January 2014 08:41

Governmentof Republic of Srpska in the last session adopted the Regulation on amendments to the Regulation on registration of rural households and providers of catering services in apartments, houses and rooms for rent. Regulation was adopted in accordance with the amended Act on hospitality, which became effective from 12.01.2013. year.

Under this law,the registration of catering business and the procedural requirements for the issuance of the decision approving the catering services has been simplified and reduced.

With this regulation  the registration of rural households and service providers in the so-called. "private accommodation" is harmonized with the new system of registration of commercial activities carried out by APIF. Registration process is provided that the applicant does not submit the certified statement on fulfillment of conditions for the activity, and the conditions for carrying out activities are checked by regular inspection. In order to simplify the registration process other formal requirements are omitted, such as the submission of the certificate of legal capacity of the applicant, and the registration of rural households is determined APIF, ex officio, so that the party does not submit evidence.