Regional business registry portal BIFIDEX starts with commercial services, May 2021. 

The Management Board of the Regional business registry portal BIFIDEX representing the business registers from Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, The Republic of Srpska (Bosnia Herzegovina) and Montenegro, is launching the first set of commercial services in May 2021.

As the first multilingual and interactive regional business registry platform, BIFIDEX  comprises real-time searchable data and services of 1.5 million companies and legal entities and over 2 million owners and managers. 

Following the interest expressed by external users, the joint information system automatically creates added value services. The initial free of charge and commercial service palette comes from Serbia, Albania and the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This dataset comprises the 1.250.000 company and 1.700.000 persons’ search and appointments, personal and company "watchdog "and “find a partner” services, and will expand on companies’ basic and full profiling and key performance indexing, connected entities, persons, and respective companies comparisons.

BIFIDEX also enables free data search of 265.000 companies and 296.000 persons of the North Macedonian business registry and announces the free data search of companies and persons from the Montenegro business registry from June 2021.

This information system will continue to grow and expand to include more services and more countries in coming months.

The President of BIFIDEX Management Board and director of Albania's National Business Centre (NBC), Mrs Pranvera Fagu, expressed today her warm gratitude to EBRD for the support to establishing BIFIDEX, as well as to United Kingdom Good Governance Fund (UK GGF) for funding the expansion of BIFIDEX across the Western Balkans region.