APIF BiH-RS has released a company data on SEE Regional Business Registries Portal – BIFIDEX, Banja Luka, May 5th 2020

The Agency for intermediary, IT and financial services, Banja Luka (APIF) today actually joined the Regional Portal of Business Registers of Southeast Europe (BIFIDEX) by publishing up-to-date business information.

By joining the Regional Portal (BIFIDEX), APIF would like to introduce Republika Srpska's economy to the region and enable information sharing that will open channels for partnerships between businesses. As business registry authority, APIF holds data of approximately 60,000 registered business entities including data on financial statements.

At present, the Portal is connected to official registries from Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania. Since July 2019, when APIF and Tax Administration of Montenegro (Central Register of Business Entities) signed approaching agreement, numerous preparatory activities to enable launching APIF business registration data on the Portal have been conducted.

The Director of APIF, Mrs Jelena Ćetković, has pointed out her gratitude to the donors: EBRD and UK GGF;as well as Government of Republic of Srpska and Ministry for scientific and technological development, higher education and information society on their support within this Project realization.

The Director of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) and current President of the Portal’s Management Board, Mr. Milan Lučić, welcomed connecting of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Republic of Srpska business registry data on BIFIDEX, and confirmed that BIFIDEX made available data of four business registries from the Western Balkans, i.e. the Serbian, North Macedonian, Albanian and BiH- Republic of Srpska’s.

The establishment and development of the SEE Regional Business Registries Portal has been supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) since 2017. The UK Good Governance Fund has joined the initiative in 2019, and has financially supported the accession of all Western Balkans jurisdictions to the Portal.

The Portal offers data of 1.5 million registered legal entities, of which 750,000 active, emphasizing importance of data accessibility of inactive and dissolved entities as well in the context of transparency and disclosure of historical data.

The BIFIDEX is an information platform and a unique point of access to the official and up-to-date information on all registered business entities from the Western Balkans. During 2020, Western Balkan’s business registry authorities are expected to technically integrate with the Portal, and the Portal to offer wider range of business information and services that would facilitate cross-border trade and business, with the aim of improving the business climate in the Western Balkans region.