In the presence of numerous guests, Minister of Finances RS Zoran Tegeltija and APIF's director Jelena Cetkovic symbolically cuts the ribbon.

"The agency offers a wide range of services, from registration and control of the financial statements of all business entities, bank accounts, the registration of old foreign currency savings, which is especially topical in recent times, the registration of farms and other", said Cetkovic.

She added that APIF business for 11 years, it has ten branches in Serbian at 44 locations, and employs 135 workers.

RS Minister of Finance Zoran Tegeltija said that APIF is every day gaining in importance and that it has sufficient capacity to address the area that isdealing with.

He added that the new offices of APIF are at good place which is accessible to users of their services, and that this is a good move that all agencies and institutions of RS gather in one place, that would facilitate the provision of services and reduced costs.